At JBEEJURA DESIGNZ | home_254, we specialize in creating products that evoke a profound sense of belonging. Whether you're wearing our apparel locally or embarking on a global adventure, our primary goal is for you to absolutely cherish your selections. To reinforce this commitment, we've introduced a policy dedicated to the efficient management of goods stored within our home_254 Fulfilment center. This policy ensures that orders are processed within specified timeframes, enhancing operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, risk management, and transparency in our collaborations with valued clients.

Storage Duration: All orders stored within our fulfilment facility adhere to a maximum storage duration of 10 (TEN) days. Our commitment lies in the efficient and responsible management of our storage space, ensuring client satisfaction and order processing efficiency.

Notification Period: Our esteemed clients will receive notifications at different stages:

  • When their goods are ready for PICK-UP or DELIVERY.
  • When their goods reach the midpoint of the storage duration.
  • When their goods approach the end of the storage duration.

Overstay Threshold: In collaboration with our clients, we define an overstay threshold, allowing a maximum duration of 5 days beyond the agreed storage period. Penalties for overstay will be clearly communicated.

Overstay Notification: Upon reaching the overstay threshold, our clients will receive formal notifications, clearly explaining the overstay situation and the required actions.

Communication and Resolution: We are committed to close collaboration with our clients to efficiently and amicably address overstay situations. This may involve arranging prompt pickup, delivery, or other mutually agreed-upon resolutions.

Extension Requests: Clients anticipating extensions beyond the agreed storage duration are encouraged to submit requests in advance. Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to space availability, risk assessment, and related costs.

Associated Costs/Consequences: In cases where clients are unresponsive, unreachable, or fail to collect their orders:

  • The apparels will be reshelved for sale.
  • A new order will be placed when the client communicates back. If pricing has changed, the client will be billed accordingly.
  • A total fee of Ksh. 500 will be applied for storage of the previous order and processing of the new order.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS issued for any resold apparels.

Efficient management of storage durations is pivotal for our organization's success, cost control, and client relationships. This Storage Duration Policy aims to prevent overstay, enhance transparency, and facilitate timely resolution of overstay situations while adhering to legal and contractual obligations.