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Time to spill the beans and get you in the loop. I've got the lowdown – all the facts, the dos, the don'ts, and to sweeten the deal, I'll toss in some awesome tips just for you. What You Need to Know What’s Happening Get ready for the scoop of the year,...

Triple D Collection

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Are you ready to triple your style game? Look no further than our Triple D collection, featuring three sets that are sure to turn heads. This a collection that is close to our hearts; a collaboration with one of our very own Diana Ingosi (Gurl Dee), the reigning brand rep. In the...

Love is Blind

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What is true love? Is it just something people say or does it exist?  Love without limits, without conditions, beautiful and pure, and most especially not transactional. In this age of rising skepticism and cynicism, does such love exist or is it just pure fantasy? I’ll let you be the judge of...

Transcendence Collection

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When we describe transcendence, we typically picture a sense of transformation—a kind of evolution from norms to achieving the impossible. The state of excelling and going beyond normal limits. This is the case for us  This isn't simply a collaboration between two brands; it is also a celebration of the friendship, milestones, and core...


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This is a story of three Js. How two of them came together to create one J. It's a story of valued friendship, patience, and hope that the future would be brighter. We get to understand how two friends came up with home_254's boldest male collection yet; The J Collection

Let's Make Sustainability a Fashion Statement

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We can use our buying power to make a difference. We (and so many others) have said this before but it’s so important to remember: Every time we make a purchase (of ANYTHING) we are casting a vote for the types of products we want to see made and subsequently the type of...