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Classic Man Collection- T-shirt Trend for the Modern Man

by home brand 08 Oct 2022
classic man collection post

T-shirts are essentials for any wardrobe that cannot be overlooked. I am sure you’re wondering why pick the classic man tee. Isn’t it just another t-shirt? What’s so special about it?

Well, that’s why we are here. Let’s take a journey to understand why you want the classic man tee.


First, let’s understand what exactly is the classic man tee and how it came to be.

Home_254 is a brand that prides itself on going beyond the norms and breaking barriers. We set out to come up with a t-shirt that sets you apart from the crowd. A t-shirt that isn’t just average, sure it has top-notch quality, durability, and is a great fit, but has more to offer. We wanted to add personality to your style.

We wanted a tee that is for the modern man, the urban man who just won’t settle for an average t-shirt. This man is a classic man, meaning he is timelessly fashionable, has impeccable style, and is full of charisma.

So when our designers were tasked with crafting a t-shirt for the modern man, the dapper man, they outdid themselves by creating not just one but three designs. We were elated.

What were these 3 designs?

  • The Curved Hem T-Shirt
  • The Split Hem T-Shirt
  • The Elongated Hem T-Shirt



Like all our apparel, these t-shirts are made of premium quality, 95% cotton and 5% lycra. They are lightweight, breathable and soft feeling on your skin.

To sustain a simplistic yet fashionable style, as is the classic man’s way, we decided on a few things:

  • Minimal Branding- there would only be 2 prints; a tag print on the left side chest and the classic home print on the left shoulder.

This was to give it a simple sense of belonging to the home_254 fam and Kenya while maintaining the simple classic man style.

  • Four colors- We decided to have the t-shirts inclusive of the most iconic colors in fashion, black and white, and added 2 more, Navy Blue and Granite.

The four colors are both stylish and simple while maintaining that subtlety manly touch that gives you the confidence to be you. And they are extremely easy to pair with other colors for your jeans, pants, or jackets.


Now let’s talk about the actual designs.


The Curved Hem T-Shirt 

T-shirts are simple but don’t you just hate how they can sometimes bunch around your waist, making your style look wonky or clumsy?

Well, the classic man doesn’t have to worry about that.

curved hem t-shirt design

The curved hem tee features an elevated regular bottom cut that ensures no more bunching. The curve hem design also ensures that you easily access your pants pockets without having to wrinkle your awesome tee, keeping you sharp looking.

That rounded hem and a bit of added length make your torso look longer giving you that extra bit of physical stature that every man wants. To top it all off, the design is a classic fit meaning it shows off your manly physique, without the unnecessary tightness that would limit your comfort. 

You can pair this tee with your favorite home_254 sweatpants or jeans, and head out for a casual occasion with your pals or just lounge casually at home.


The Split Hem T-Shirt

Need a t-shirt that lets you relax, and breathe more without being buggy? This tee is it!

Featuring a v-shaped cut that separates the front and back panels of the t-shirt, made to provide more room throughout your torso, this tee is a must-have.

split hem t-shirt design

The split ensures that you can move more freely, are flexible, and express yourself comfortably without feeling constricted or worrying about damaging your perfect tee. This t-shirt is a comfortable fit, offers dynamic functionality, and still looks stylish.  

It is perfect for a night out or a party where you just want to let go and show off your cool dance moves confidently. You can pair it with your favorite jeans or pants and finish it with a cool home_254 beanie.

You can never go wrong with this t-shirt.


The Elongated Hem T-shirt

So you want to take your t-shirt game to the next level and make a bold statement? This is your go-to.

Offering the same cool features that the curved hem tee does, this t-shirt propels your style to the next level with its more extended hem with a round hem finish. The hem extends for 1.5 inches more that the curved hem t-shirt.

elongated hem t-shirt design

It gives you a trendier look and more torso room, presenting your masculine physique more boldly. It will have ladies checking you out.

Being more of a modern statement, the elongated hem tee is just right for a classy casual occasion, a date where you want to impress or hanging out with your friends. You can always layer it with an awesome home_254 bomber jacket.

Dare to be bold?

 Now you know why you should have at least one of each.


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