How do you trust the journey even when you’re not sure where it’s taking you, or who is going to be the 1st to hold your hand and take you to the next step?

 Have you ever been patient but don’t know what you are being patient for? You know you need to get going. You don’t see how you’re going to get there?

 It can be nerve-racking. You might have felt frustrated, scared, or even angry. But somehow, someone came your way and assisted you in finding your way home.

 The J Collection seeks to reframe our perspective on patience. From the first time Jibril laid his eyes on home_254, over 6 (six) years ago, he knew that this was a brand he wanted to be part of.  The passion, the simplicity yet sophistication of what home_254 represents, and the sense of belonging that we give everyone who interacts with the brand was and still is exhilarating.

Many years later Jibril is humbled that he gets to have a personal interaction with home_254 by introducing a capsule that our designers and himself came up with that describes his simple, laid back, yet modern style which he believes so many people will resonate with. May this capsule keep you warm and radiate your personality without you ever having to say a word.

 The human psyche is not meant to know what happens tomorrow. But… We grow, learn, and progress. 


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