Transcendence Collection

When we describe transcendence, we typically picture a sense of transformation—a kind of evolution from norms to achieving the impossible. The state of excelling and going beyond normal limits. This is the case for us

 This isn't simply a collaboration between two brands; it is also a celebration of the friendship, milestones, and core values shared by both brands.

For our lovely ladies, the Over 25 gang, this collection marks their journey from when they met - in university as young, fun-loving individuals ready to take on the world, to the well-established women we know them to be today.

For home_254, it’s the first collection of the year, which aligns with the 2023 theme of ‘building character’ by ushering in the year with new fashion pieces that have so much meaning to both brands. And who better to work with on the debut 2023 collection than the transcendent Over 25 ladies?

So join us on this journey…

This collection has been in the works for quite some time to create these masterpieces. It has seen many sleepless nights, sacrifices and passion. It comes in 4 unique styles and guess what….? They all come in new colors:

  1. The varsity jacket
  2. Three-piece sweat set
  3. His and Hers
  4. O25 shirt dress


1. Varsity Jacket

A letterman jacket that symbolizes Over 25’s uni days; some of the best days of their lives. Made in their brand colors, the contrast of black and white makes it so attractive; making it a must-have. What makes it more special is its limited edition- yap; only 248 pieces will be made – believe that…

The letters O and the number 25 are stitched onto it, noticeable from a distance. The back has the Over 25 logo in a classic varsity jacket font, a unique presentation of the logo that hasn’t been seen before.

 3 piece set2. The Three Piece Sweat Set

In the most gorgeous pink, you will ever see – shell pink- soft and delicate like the young women they once were. This is typically something they would have worn during their 1st jobs. When their pockets weren’t so deep. Nonetheless, the set has this unique edge and boldness with statement pieces such as the split pants and the zipped cropped hoodie. The two are paired with a home_254 mushie vest top.

One set that can be worn in more ways than one style to serve your everyday needs.  

‘Who had money to buy different clothes as agency babes? Its freeze and shine without the freezing’ says the gang.  

The set is sure to give off this fun and bold vibe.  


his & hers3. His and Hers

The journey hasn’t been without a bit of love and this set is just about that. It represents the relationships; the life partners the ladies have. Hence, the His and hers set - a sleek combination of sweatshirts and sweatpants.

With great functionality- a key ingredient for any successful relationship - the men’s one changes from pants to shorts while the female gives you a choice of what you want others to see. Dare we say it’s also a game couples can play? * Wink wink*

The tops are made of lovely sweatshirts crafted for great functionality with chest pockets for him and a cheeky peekaboo feature for her. There are a lot of fun surprises packed in this set that you should check out.

This set also features another new color, vivid blue - a sleek color that symbolizes purity and in this case the purity of the love that the ladies share for each other and their partners.

 O25 Dress 4. O25 shirt dress

Toned down and easy to wear - this shirt dress screams laid back, on-the-go. It depicts the ladies’ busy lives with work and kids to juggle. It bears huge double breast pockets for vibes and inshallah and oh, they’re pockets that work too! We love pockets over here.

And what’s more, yes – new color. Winter mint, is a representation of the resilience and power that not only the Over 25 ladies show but all the moms and women who insanely triumph as moms and career women exude.


This is a special journey that we can’t wait for you to join us on. We hope you will love and cherish this collection as much as we do.

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