Marching on to the beat I drum 


Free up because we are back with a new collection. Today, September 28, Rue and Lulu are releasing their 1st collection and we are preparing you to get your hands on the limited-edition pieces before they sell out – because they undoubtedly will.

Have you ever felt discouraged, tired, and run-down when trying to produce positive change in your life? You might be overlooking the single, most important thing that you need to have the courage and energy to accomplish the changes you want. It’s called the power, FREE TO BE.

This power is something that we are all born with. The problem is that we are encouraged from a very early age to snuff this power out as quickly as possible. Why? So we can fit in with the larger, uniform group called society.

These attempts at uniformity come at a very high cost to the individual. The result is that we each become very insecure and confused about who we are. We learn to be afraid to take risks. We come to believe that it’s safer to blend in with the crowd.

Why are you not encouraged to dress creatively in a way that expressed your own self? Why do we say that clothes are for a certain body type? For a certain religion? For certain skin color? For a certain… Why did it matter?

They say…If you don’t fit in, you risk rejection at best, or punishment at worst. You might have to leave the tribe and be on your own.

So our intention with the FREE TO BE collection is to do something that the rest of humanity is dying to do. Make you choose yourself. Yes, you have probably been afraid at some point but more than being afraid, make yourself passionate to express. You don’t have to live in a self-imposed prison.

So any apparel you purchase from this collection look at it in awe and feel inspired. Let it remind you of what you have individually sacrificed, and also remind you that you are FREE TO BE.

Always remember…. YOU BELONG!!

Do this one thing for us: If this inspires you, then take some time to look within and review your life overall. Where in your life did you compromise for the sake of other’s approval? Why did you stop loving yourself as you are?

How do you think it would feel to be totally FREE TO BE you?


Style: T-Shirt, T-shirt Dress, Biker Shorts, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Mushie Vest, College Jacket, Zipped Hoodie, Cropped Hoodie, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Sweatpants, Cargo Sweatshirt, Long Sleeved T-shirt, Regular Shorts

Color: Light Brown

Fit: Perfect Fit - Not too big, not too small.

     Boyfriend Fit - Relaxed and Roomy

     Mega Fit - Oversized, with room to move

Fabric: Airy Fleece – Mid Weight 200 GSM

             Cozy Fleece – Heavy Weight 290 GSM

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