Women in Fashion

Today is a day to celebrate and champion the women in our lives, and reflect on the many accomplishments of women worldwide. It also serves as a call to action: to #BreakTheBias and accelerate the drive for women’s equality and growth.

At JBEEJURA DESIGNZ | home_254 we are always looking for ways to build a more diverse workplace, and here's where we're at right now:

  1. Over 40% of our leadership roles are currently held by women. Including our planning department, design team, production team and brand team.
  2. Flexible working arrangements are now a core feature of almost all of our roles.
  3. Our health scheme provides direct financial support to new mothers.
  4. When it comes to quality control, our team of dedicated women set the standard, maintaining the brand image and fostering steady growth.

We understand that finding connection and support at work is a major contribution to stellar performance and leads to brand growth. At JBEEJURA DESIGNZ | home_254 we encourage and support Lean Circles.

Circles provide a space where women can come together in small groups across roles and levels to get peer-to-peer mentorship, connect with each other, recognize and combat gender bias, and build leadership skills.

We are in a unique way celebrating the women in the apparel industry and their contribution behind the brand you’ve grown to love. At JBEEJURA DESIGNZ | home_254 is where YOU BELONG!

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