About home_254 MADE IN KENYA brand

At home_254 Apparel we know how important feeling at home is to you, to feel like you belong, and our goal is to offer everyone a little piece of Kenya wherever they are. We sell nostalgia, comfort and pride through quality, MADE IN KENYA apparels, all bundled up like a care package from family.

Our mission is to MAKE YOU FEEL YOU BELONG give you a comforting piece of Kenya, feel home away from home, while also giving all who visit our home a memory of how Kenya made them feel.

We are growing to become a huge fashion brand and we will require fresh, talented and creative people to represent our brand. We will seek fresh talents each year through our photo shoots, video shoots and projects in particular.

Don’t forget to tag us in your favorite home_254 ‘fit: #home_254  and share it on your favorite social media platform.

Look like a home_254 Model:

If your dream is to be a home_254 model or brand ambassador, you should start observing all the models of the brand.

Try and understand the skills they possess that make them ideal candidate for working with the brand.

Observe their style and poses. Try to improvise your gait to match theirs. Observe the outfits worn by these home_254 models and see how they carry the attire, how they style them.

You need to select similar attires for yourself. You should try and wear the outfit with the same ease, comfort, confidence and believe in the brand. This will be necessary if you wish to represent the brand and you will feel you belong.

Create a Nice Portfolio:

You need to create a very impressive and eye-catchy portfolio and tag us @home_254  if you wish to be noticed by the recruiters for the brand.

You may have to dedicate a few hours to get yourself a photo shoot. You may need the help and guidance from proper make-up, stylist and photographers.

Make sure you create a portfolio that is just good and shows who you really are. You may even use the photo shoots of popular models as an example.

Gain modelling experience:

It is quite possible that you do not become a #home_254fam at the very first try. You must still practice your skill and this can be best achieved by modelling for other brands or just doing your own shoots.

Find a way to highlight your skills.

You never know when opportunity knocks at your door so make sure you use every channel possible to market your trade.

Maintain Your Record Clean:

We are in track to becoming a big brand so we are extremely proud of our reputation and we have to make sure it is maintained. Any history of legal problems or controversial social media posts can make you lose opportunities like this.

If you maintain good conduct, it will help you get the best opportunities in your field. Make sure you behave well with your friends and colleagues. This will help you get a good reference from your friends. This may count a lot in all your future projects with us or other brands.

PRO TIP: Just get yourself something from home_254 style it well take a picture…doesn’t have to be a professional photo shoot even a mirror selfie can do it, tag us and voila! We will like it if you join the #home_254Fam


Are you good with all that? then let’s do this yes?

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Please submit four photos of yourself: full-length, waist-up, close-up, and profile (a side picture). These don't need to be professionally done, but there are some guidelines: Shoot your photos outdoors in natural daylight but not direct sunlight. Remember, we’re looking to see how creative you can be wearing our brand, how it makes you feel you belong through your outfits.


We want to know more about you as a person. A funny story, something most people don’t know about you, or even favorite hobby or even why you want to work with us. Get creative and show us who you are!


Please read and understand the Application Process and Rules and the Privacy Policy. If you send us an E-mail means you have accepted them.

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